Blue Flower

in Anatomy, is represented by Blanchard, and other Lexicographers after him, as synonymous with Diarthrosis : but the Definition they give of it, does not quadrate with that Notion.

or ABDUCENT, in Anatomy, a Name common to several Muscles, whose Action is the withdrawing, opening, or pulling back the Parts they are fix'd to. See MUSCLE.

The Name is Latin, compounded of ab, from, and duco, I draw : Their Antagonists are call'd Adductores. See ADDUCTOR.

ABDUCTOR Auricularis, or of the little Finger, arises from the Annular Ligament, and the third and fourth Bones of the Carpus in the second Rank ; and is inserted externally into the first Bone of the little Finger : it serves to draw that Finger from the rest. See FINGER.

ABOMASUS, ABOMASUM, or ABOMASIUM, in Comparative Anatomy, one of the Stomachs, or Ventricles of Animals of the ruminating Kind. See RUMINATING.

Beasts that chew the Cud are sound to have four Stomachs ; viz. the Rumen, or Magnus Venter or Stomach, properly so call'd, the Reticulum, Omasus, and Abomasus. See RUMINATION, &c.

The Abomasus, popularly call'd the Maw, is the last ; being the Place wherein the Chyle is form'd, and from which the Food descends immediately into the Intestines.

in Anatomy, the lower Belly, or that Part of the Body between the Hips and the Diaphragm. See BODY.

Anatomists divide the Body into three Regions, or Venters ; the Head ; the Thorax, or Breast ; and the Abdomen, or Belly, absolutely so call'd ; being the lowest Part of the Trunk. 'Tis separated from the Thorax by the Diaphragm, and reaches to the Ossa pubis. See VENTER.