Blue Flower

or ABDUCENT, in Anatomy, a Name common to several Muscles, whose Action is the withdrawing, opening, or pulling back the Parts they are fix'd to. See MUSCLE.

The Name is Latin, compounded of ab, from, and duco, I draw : Their Antagonists are call'd Adductores. See ADDUCTOR.

ABDUCTOR Auricularis, or of the little Finger, arises from the Annular Ligament, and the third and fourth Bones of the Carpus in the second Rank ; and is inserted externally into the first Bone of the little Finger : it serves to draw that Finger from the rest. See FINGER.

In some Subjects it appears divided into two or three Muscles, consisting of so many different Series of Fibres.

ABDUCTOR Indicts, or of the fore Finger, arises from the inside of the Bone of the Thumb, and is inserted into the first Bone of the sore Finger, which it draws from the rest towards the Thumb.

ABDUCTOR minimi digiti manus. See ABDUCTOR Auricularis.

ABDUCTOR minimi digiti pedis, or of the little Toe, arises from the outside of the Os Calcis, near the exterior Bone of the Metatarsus, and is inserted laterally into the outside of the second Bone of that Toe, which it pulls from the rest.

ABDUCTOR Pollicis, call'd also Thenar, springs from the Annular Ligament, and first Bone of the Carpus ; from whence passing to the Thumb, it makes that fleshy Body called Mons Lunæ : It draws the Thumb from the Fingers.

ABDUCTOR Pollicis pedis, or of the great Toe, springs from the inside of the Os Calcis, and the greater Os Cuneiforme ; and is inserted into the outside of the exterior Os Sesamoideum pollicis : It serves to draw the great Toe from the rest. See TOE.

ABDUCTOR Oculi, or of the Eye, is one of the four Recti, or strait Muscles, arising from the bottom of the Orbit, and spread over the first proper Tunic ; serving to draw the Eye towards the outer Canthus. See EYE, and RECTI.