Blue Flower

or Abstersive Medicines, a Class of Remedies, whose Effect is to abrade and wipe away such mucous Particles as they meet in their Passage ; and thus cleanse the Parts of viscid or impure Adhesions, and carry off the morbid Matter of Wounds, Ulcers, &c. See MEDICINE, MUNDIFICATIVE, &c.
Abstergents are more usually call'd among Physicians Detergents. See DETERGENT.

Abstergents are of the Genus of Balsamicks ; and only differ in their degree of Subtilty and Efficacy, from Vulneraries. See BALSAMICK, and VULNERARY.

The principal Simples in the Class of Detergents, are the Leaves of Wormwood, Garlick, Leeks, Capers, Scurvygrass, Fumitory, Liverwort, Tansy, and Vervain ; Bitter Almonds, Figs, Jujcbs, Raisins, Dates, Jumiper-Berries ; Gum Ammoniac, Balsam of Capivi, Balm of Gilead, Tacawahaca, Sapo ; Turpentines ; Barberries, Liquorice, Turmeric, Madder, Parmasitty, Mummy, Sulphur, Salt, Mercury, and Native Cinnabar.---- Most of which the Reader will find particularly describ'd under their proper Articles.

The Word Abstergent is compounded of the Latin abs, from ; and tergo, I wipe.---— Whence, also, Abtersion is sometimes used for the mechanical Act of Tersion, or Wiping. See TERSION.