Blue Flower

in Gardening, a Method of Engrafting, more usually call'd Inarching, or Grafting by approach. See GRAFTING.

Ablactation is only practicable where the Stock to be grafted on, and the Tree from which the Graft is to be taken, stand so near, that the Branch or Cyon may be applied, without cutting off. Hence, 'tis chiefly used on Plants that grow in Cases ; as Orange, Lemon, Pomgranate, Vines, Jessamins, &c. The Season is April. To perform it, the usual Method is to take the Branch intended for rhe Graft, and pare it away, both the Rind and Wood, the length of three Inches ; then, paring likewise the Stock, so that they may join closely to each other, they bind 'em together, and cover 'em over with Clay, or Grafting-Wax. As soon as they are sound well incorporated together, the Head of the Stock is to be cut off four Inches above the Binding ; and the Spring following, the Graft : leaving the Stock to subsist by it self.

Or, the Operation may be done, by cutting off the Head of the S'tock at first, and leaving the Top a little sloped, and applying the Graft thereto, as in Shoulder-Grafting. But this Method is not sound equally successful.

The Word originally signifies the weaning a Child from the Breast ; being form'd of ab, from, and lac, Milk.