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or ABORIGENES, in Geography, a Name sometimes given to the primitive Inhabitants of a Country, or those who had their original therein ; in contra-distinction to Colonies, or new Races of Inhabitants, deriv'd from eliewhere. See COLONY.
The Term Aborigines is famous in Antiquity : Tho now an Appellative, 'twas originally a proper Name, given only to certain People of Italy ; and both the Reason and Origin of it are greatly disputed among the Learned : The principal Opinions with regard thereto may be redue'd to four.

in Geography, a Peninsula; or a Continent almost incompass'd round with the Sea, only joining to the main Land by a narrow Neck, or Isthmus. See PENINSULA.

This Term is us'd by the Moderns, in Complaisance to the Antients, who call'd all their Peninsulas by this Name: Accordingly, such Places as were hereby distinguish'd among them, retain the Name among us; as the Chersonesus of Peloponnesus, of Thrace, Chersonesus Cimbrica, Aurea, &c.