Blue Flower

IN the Article Angle, Page 97. Column 1. Line ult. for Centre L, read Centre I.
Article Mean Anomaly, line 10. insert Fig. 64.
Article Asymptote of a Logarithmic Curve, insert Fig. 33.
Centre of Oscilation, line 11. for DEHB, read DFHB.
Centripetal Force, line 2. for Fig. 24. read Fig. 25.
Centrobaryc, Corol. VI. for divided into two M D, read be bisesected in D, and for m O, read in O.
Chord, p. 211. col. a. line 26. for Fig. 7., read Fig. 6.
Circle, p. 221. col. 1. Iine 27, for DE read DF, and line 36. insert Fig. 7.
Circumscribing, for Fig. 32. read Fig. 29.
Commutation, Iine 3. after Earth insert at S, and for Fig. 24, read Fig. 26.
Compasses, for Geman Compasses read German Compasses.
Composition of Motion, line 27. for as far as e e, read as far as c e .
Conchilis, 1. 7. for EE read EF.
Cone, p. 300. col. 1. line 13. for Diameter of its Base, read Diameters of its Bases.
Contact, line 15. for cats read touches.
Crepusculum, p. 344. l. penult, for Sum of, read Sun's, and p. 345. 1ine 2. and 3. for, P Z the Elevation of the Pole P R, read P Z the Complement of the Elevation, &c.
Curve, p. 361. col. 2. 1ine 26., and 59. for Tab. Analysis read Tab. Geom.
Cycloid, line 4. for Tab. Analysis read Tab. Geometry.
Declinator, Iine 25. for Centre E, read Centre F.
Designing, line 10. for Fig. 9. read Fig. 15,
Diagonal, line 77. for BS, read BE.
Horizontal Dial, 1ine 9. for Meridian Line B, read Meridian Line AB ; and line 16. for DC, read DE, and line 12. for a aBCdH, read abcdH.
East Dial, line 11. for AC, read DC.
Primary Dial, 1ine 20. for EE, read EF.
Line of Distance, for Fig. 10, and 11. read Fig. 12,
Division in Lines, insert Tab. Geometry, Fig. 17.
Eccentric, for Fig. 11. read Fig. 1.
Equation, p. 335. col. 1. line 15. for given Position, read given in Position.
Flying, line 20. for Temporal Muscles read Pectoral Muscles.
Geocentric Latitude, line 11. for, eT♀ read et ♀ .
Latus Tranpversum, for Fig.*,, x. Fig.i. and for GLRO read DLRO.
Logistic Spiral, for Fig. 11. read Fig. 22.
Concave Mirror, Law II. after F insert Fig. 34 *.
Paracentric Motion of Impetus, for Fig. 25. read Fig. 24. and dele T.
Paracentric Solicitation of Gravity, dele Fig. 16.
Parallax of Longitude, for Fig. 28. read Fig. 29.
Parallax of Ascension, for 29. read 18.
Parallelogram, line 17. for Fig. 39 read Fig. 41. and line 19. for CH read CD.
Particula Exsors, for Augment read Argument.
Perspective of a Triangle, line 14. for since a, b, and are the Appearances, read since a, b, and c are the Appearances.
Inclined Plane, Law IX. after AC insert Fig. 58. and in the Corol. of the same Law insert Fig.6o. and in Law XIII. for BAK read FG.
Projectile, Law III. after describe a Parabola dele in a Medium uniformly resisting.
Pump, Article Structure of a Forcing Pump, Iine 1. for in a Cylinder read a Cylinder,
Pyramid, line 70. for DF read DE.
Sinical Quadrant, 1ine 2. insert Fig. 18.
Quadrature of the Ellipsis, line 2. for Circle, read Curve.
Reclangle, line 22. for Fig. 41. read Fig, 61.
Rectification of a Parabola, for Conjugate Axes read Conjugate Semiaxes ; and after Hyperbolic Space, add CQMA.
Rectification of the Cycloid, line 1. insert Fig. 27.
Reduction of a Figure, line 11. for Fig. 64. read Fig. 65.
Refraction, line 9. for B, read F.
Retrogradation of the Sun, line 2. for AN, read AM.
Rhomb, Article 1. insert Fig. 19.
Screw, Art. IV. for to be applied in K, read to be applied in D.
Sculpture in Marble, after another Plummet like that of the Model, insert Tab. Miscellany, Fig. 2.
Secant, line 4. for Circle B, read Circle in B.
Sector, p. 45. col. 1. Iine 41. for Lines read Sines.
Sine, p. 81. col. 1. line 63, for the Arch EFC, read the Arch FC.
Sine-Complement, line 2. for AE, read AH.
Solid Angle, line 3. for Fig. 30. read Fig. 31.
Star, p. 122. col. 2. line 20. for Fig. 31. read Fig. 7. and 1ine 24. for the Star C describing an equal Arch CDH, read the Star D describing an Arch equal to CDH.
Triangle, p. 142. col. 2. line 41. for AC, read BC.